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Mini-Games, Challenges & Scavenger Hunt

Now you have even more opportunity to score more prizes through exciting new games and challenges within our magazine!

Trivia Challenge

This single question, if answered correctly, will earn you 1 ENTRY point for our end-of-month Giveaway!

Scavenger Hunt

We’ve teamed up with Lehigh Valley with Littles to offer your “littles” a simple and fun scavenger hunt bonus game while you are out riddle solving and treasure hunting. One random winner will win a special mystery prize at the end of the month!

#Hint Check-in

Check-in at #Hint Locations and snap a picture of their monthly #hint poster score ENTRY points for our end-of-month Giveaway!

The Scrambler

Unscramble all of the letters in the blue box to reveal a special clue and receive 5 ENTRY points into our end-of-month giveaway!

The Secret

Search the Magazine to answer the questions, then decipher the clue hidden using only the blue highlighted boxes based off of your answers. Once you’ve unscrambled and deciphered the secret, submit your answer!

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